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Small Claims Court in Ontario

Most people don’t like the idea of having to sue for damages in the Ontario Small Claims Court, but when you’ve suffered damage or financial loss due to someone else’s negligence or willful acts, it is important to get the compensation that you need and deserve.

Since the law can sometimes be quite complicated in these matters however, it is important to seek the advice of legal professionals. The team at Balatidis Legal Services can consult with you and help you determine whether or not you have a case and if it would be worth your while to pursue it. If it is, our retained lawyers will help and advise you every step of the way.

What is Ontario Small Claims Court?

Small Claims Court is a relatively quick and informal system for settling claims of up to $25,000. Claims may include issues such as:

  • Debt Recovery (Unpaid loan, credit cards disputes)
  • Landlord/Tenant  dispute and damages (Residential or Commercial)
  • Contract disputes / Insurance Claims
  • Negligence and Personal Injury
  • Debtor examinations
  • Garnishment
  • Seizure and sale of land or property
  • Personal Injury
  • Property Damage or Loss

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Whether you have a simple case or a complicated one, the professionals at Balatidis Legal Services can give you the advice you need.

How does Ontario Small Claims Court work?

If you believe that you have a case for small claims court, your first step should be to consult with Balatidis Legal Services. If you do have a case, we can help you make the proper application called the “Plaintiff’s Claim” to get the process started. In your application, you will have to state the reasons for your claim, and you will have to pay a fee to the Ontario Court of Justice.

Once the claim is issued by the Court, Balatidis Legal Services will personally deliver a copy to the defendant within six months, after which the defendant will have 20 days to file a defence and possibly a counterclaim. If the defendant fails to do so, a judgement could be entered against them.

A Settlement Conference before a judge will then be held within 90 days of the defendant filing their response. This is an opportunity for both sides to obtain full disclosure and to give the parties an opportunity to settle without going to court.

If no settlement can be reached, the case will then proceed to a trial during which any witness statements and evidence will be presented. If either party does not attend on the trial date, the trial will proceed without them.

How Balatidis Legal Services can help?

Even though cases in Ontario Small Claims Court tend to be less complicated than other cases, it doesn’t mean you should try to go it alone. The professionals at Balatidis Legal Services can help you with all the necessary applications and have retained lawyers that specialize in cases like yours.  We can help you at every stage of the process to take the stress out of filing a small claim.

Call us today and learn why Toronto residents trust us for their small claims court matters.