Traffic Ticket Representation

Description of Services

I,  formally authorize AZZOUGGAGH & BALATIDIS Legal Services and its employees to act as my or provide me with a Legal Service Provider (Paralegal) within the meaning of the Access to Justice Act, 2006 with regard to the following matter(s):



” “

The Legal Service Provider is fully authorized to take any or all necessary or incidental steps on my behalf that he or she deems necessary and/or prudent which include the following:

a) Requesting and obtaining court/trial dates

b) Filing of any applications of motions

c) Adjourning matters as required

d) Ordering and securing disclosure

e) Resolving the matter(s) by way of plea resolution

f) Conducting a trial

Client Instructions

The Legal Service Provider will use their best efforts to obtain the following results, with the first being the most desirable:

1. Withdraw of Charge

2. Reduction of Charge, Points, and/or Fine

3. Adjournment

If the 3 options are not available, I give permission to proceed with trial and dispute the officer’s evidence.

I further confirm that the above noted Instructions have been given by me to my Legal Service Provider to represent me on this matter on my behalf. If my instructions include a guilty plea to the offence as is or a lesser offence, I understand that by permitting my Legal Service Provider to enter a plea on my behalf, that I am waiving my right to a trial, that the prosecution is no longer obligated to prove the charges against me beyond a reasonable doubt and that I understand the consequences of a guilty plea. I understand that I may review any disclosure with a Legal Services Provider prior to the trial date for the purposes of confirming my instructions. I further understand that any joint position between my Legal Services Provider and the Crown is not binding on the Courts.

Consent to Transfer File

I further authorize my Legal Service Provider to exercise his or her discretion in filing or abandoning any Charter application that may arise during the course of the proceedings. Aside from the initial consultation, AZZOUGGAGH & BALATIDIS Legal Services will endeavor to inform me of all scheduled trial dates, upon receipt of disclosure, and will inform me of my disposition (outcome) upon completion of the matter. I understand this agreement provides no guarantee as to the specific Legal Service Provider that will appear on my behalf. I understand that the Legal Service Provider that appears on my behalf may not be the Legal Service Provider with whom I originally consulted.

I hereby authorize AZZOUGGAGH & BALATIDIS Legal Services to provide me a Legal Services Provider within the meaning of the Access to Justice Act, 2006, and further authorize AZZOUGGAGH & BALATIDIS Legal Services to transfer my file, in accordance with the rules set out in the Rules of Conduct for Paralegals, to any licensed legal services provider.


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Signed by Peter Balatidis
Signed On: June 24, 2016

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