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Driving Under Suspension Tickets

The first thing you should do after a license suspension in Ontario is call Balatidis Legal Services for a consultation. There are many complex reasons that can lead to a driver’s license being suspended, an experienced traffic ticket lawyers or paralegals will examine every aspect of your driving to determine if you can fight the charges that led to the suspension. If your license remains suspended, we will take every legal action necessary to help you have it reinstated as soon as possible.

Reasons Driver's Licenses May Be Suspended

There are numerous reasons your driver’s license could be suspended in Ontario. Common causes include:

  • Accumulated Demerit Points – Many traffic tickets come with demerit points. If you are convicted of these offences, the points are added to your driving record. If the total number of points reaches 15 or more, or 9 or more for new drivers, your license will be suspended for 30 or 60 days respectively. Even before these thresholds, you may be asked to attend a meeting to discuss if your license should be suspended. This is why it is so important to hire a traffic ticket lawyer to fight every ticket.
  • Failure to Appear/Pay – If you fail to appear at meetings with the Ministry or if you do not pay outstanding fines, this can also lead to a driver’s license suspension. This does not mean pay fines as soon as you receive them; paying is an admission of guilt. Consult with one of our traffic ticket attorneys first.

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  • Criminal Driving Offences – A criminal driving offence conviction, such as a driving under the influence conviction, can lead to automatic suspension of your license. 

Do Not Drive with a Suspended License

Driving without a license is a serious offence in Toronto and throughout Ontario. A driving under suspension ticket can lead to an extended suspension, large fines, and even imprisonment. Being unaware of your suspension is not an acceptable defense for these charges, making it all the more crucial that you stay well informed of your driving record.

How Balatidis Legal Services Helps with License Suspension

We help you fight the charges that could lead to having your driver’s license suspended. If you receive a driving under suspension ticket, you can file an appeal. In some cases, suspensions are lifted before appeals are even approved, and an approved appeal allows the suspension to be cleared from your record. Let our experienced criminal lawyers, ex-police officers, and other skilled traffic ticket legal professionals draft and submit a strong appeal on your behalf.

If your license was suspended due to unpaid fines, we can help you get extensions on these fines, allowing you to structure a more feasible repayment schedule. At Balatidis Legal Services, we also keep our services cost effective, allowing you to receive services at a great value.

Call BALATIDIS LEGAL SERVICES at 1-844-534-2598 as early as possible if your license has been suspended in Toronto or any of the surrounding regions. We will help you through this confusing process.