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No Insurance Tickets

Driving with no insurance in Toronto is a very costly mistake to make. Not only can does this charge come with large minimum fines, but having this ticket on your driving record can make obtaining the proper insurance much more difficult and expensive. If you have received a no insurance ticket, you should certainly consult with a traffic ticket attorney to fight the charge and potentially improve your circumstances.

Understanding No Insurance Tickets in Ontario

Drivers throughout Ontario are required to have a minimum amount of liability insurance coverage on their vehicles before driving on any public roadways. Failure to provide evidence to a police officer that the vehicle is covered can lead to a minimum fine of $5,0000 and a victim fine surcharge of approximately 20%, substantially increasing the amount of the total fine.

Simply not having coverage is not the only way that you can be charged with a driving with no insurance ticket in Toronto. You can also receive a traffic ticket if you:

  • Allow someone else to drive your vehicle without insurance coverage
  • You provide false insurance information to the officer
  • You fail to provide evidence of insurance to the police officer

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Even if you have up to date insurance coverage for your vehicle, it is essential that you keep all the current documentation in the vehicle so that you can quickly provide the proper evidence in the event of a traffic stop or accident. You do not want to find yourself facing an extremely costly fine simply because you forgot to put your new insurance card in the glove compartment of your car.

Insurance companies take driving without insurance tickets very seriously. Even though these charges may not add demerit points to your license, they still cause your driving record to make you look like a higher risk that many insurance companies.
In addition to being fined by the government, if you are found to be driving without insurance because you have been involved in a traffic accident, you could face much more severe costs. The other individuals affected by the accident may choose to sue you to cover damages and other expenses..

Before you pay fines for traffic tickets and receive demerit points on your license, call us for a free consultation. We will connect you with the appropriate legal representation to defend against a variety of driving related offences.

How to Proceed If You've Received a No Insurance Ticket

As this type of traffic ticket can seriously impact your future, your first step should be to consult with experienced legal representation, such as the traffic ticket specialists at Balatidis Legal Services. Considering the very serious nature of a no insurance ticket, we will connect you with a criminal lawyer and other professionals who are well versed in this area of law.

While it is very difficult to have a driving with no insurance ticket dismissed, there are some defenses that have been successful in past cases. Our team will study all of the applicable case law to build a credible and strong defense for your unique circumstances.

To learn more about fighting no insurance traffic tickets in Toronto, call Balatidis Legal Services for a consultation.