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Red Light Tickets

If you are accused of failing to stop at a red traffic light, and receive a red light ticket, do not be too quick to pay the ticket. Once you pay the ticket, you will be admitting guilt and you will receive all of the additional penalties that come with red light tickets. Before you decide whether or not you should pay your fines, consult with the Balatidis Legal Services traffic ticket attorneys and paralegals in Toronto.

Red Light Charges from an Officer Versus Red Light Camera Tickets

You may be aware that some traffic lights are equipped with cameras that snap images of drivers who have driven through red lights. These types of red light tickets are different than those issued by police officers.

If you receive a red light ticket from a police officer, the typical punishment is three demerit points added to your license and a fine of around $260.00 dollars plus other government charges. These tickets have a much larger impact than red light tickets because they affect your driving record.

Three demerit points added to your license will result in a warning letter from the Ministry of Transportation. This mark on your driving record will also likely cause your insurance rates to increase and will make it difficult to impossible for you to be employed by a position that requires you to drive a company vehicle. Demerit points stay on your license for two years.

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Red Light Camera Tickets in Toronto

A red light traffic camera only knows that your vehicle passed through a red light because it takes a photo of your license plate. This technology is not able to prove who is guilty of doing the actual driving.

Red light tickets are issued to the owner of the vehicle, who is responsible for paying a fine that is significantly higher than a red light ticket issued by a police officer. However, the owner of the vehicle does not receive any driver’s license demerit points or any record of the offence on their driving record.

When To Fight Red Light Traffic Tickets

Because traffic tickets issued because of red light tickets do not affect your driving record, there is little to no reason to try to fight them in court. Failure to pay the fines on time, however, can lead to possible suspension of your license. If you are having trouble paying the fine, you can consult with a traffic ticket paralegal to learn about extension options or to learn more about how these fines affect your license.

If your red light ticket was issued by a police officer, you do not have to plead guilty. You can plead guilty with an explanation or you can plead not guilty and fight the ticket. Balatidis Legal Services retains numerous respected paralegals, former prosecutors, and other professionals who can help you make this important decision. We provide traffic ticket legal representation in Toronto and throughout Ontario; our goal is to protect your best interests and achieve the best possible outcome for your case.