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Speeding Tickets

Drivers that have a tendency to push the speed limits can find themselves facing speeding tickets in Toronto that can cause insurance rates to skyrocket and even put drivers’ licenses in jeopardy. Simply going into court and explaining why you were driving at certain speeds is typically not going to get your tickets dropped or penalties reduced. Instead of trying to defend yourself, you should enlist the expertise of our experienced traffic ticket lawyers.

Speeding Violation Laws

1-15 KM/HR over the limit:
• 0 demerit points added to your license
• $2.50 for each KM over the speed limit (1-19 KM/HR).

16-29 KM/HR over the limit:
• 3 demerit points added to your license
• $3.75 for each KM over the speed limit (from 20-29 KM/HR)

30-49 km over the limit:
• 4 demerit points added to your license
• $6.00 for each KM over the speed limit (from 30-49 KM/HR)

50 KM+ over the limit:
• 6 demerit Points added to your license
• No out of court settlement
• 30 day license suspension

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According to Ontario traffic laws, vehicles travelling above the rates of speed prescribed for particular highways are subject to speeding tickets. The penalties for speeding in Ontario are dependent upon how much you have exceeded the speed limit and where you were driving.

The punishments for general speeding tickets are as follows:

If you are speeding in a community safety zone, such as an area close to a school, or in a construction zone where workers are present, a speeding ticket comes with higher costs.

1-19 KM/HR over the limit:
A $5.00 per KM over fine

20-29 KM/HR over the limit:
A $7.50 per KM over fine

30-49 KM/HR over the limit:
No out of court settlements

Of course, other factors affect the specific penalties applied to speeding tickets, such as your driving history and previous traffic violations.

Fighting Speeding Tickets

Having a speeding ticket dismissed is a challenge, and many drivers who try to defend themselves in court are not successful. Explaining why you were speeding, claiming not to have seen speed limit postings, or declaring that you were not speeding is typically not going to change your ticket or the punishment.

Our team of traffic ticket professionals knows the defense techniques that can protect your right to operate a vehicle. We employ retired police officers, speeding ticket lawyers, and paralegals that know the right questions to ask. The officials that issued your speeding ticket in Toronto must be able to provide clear and reliable proof that you were driving over the limit, and there are numerous legal technicalities that may cause your ticket to be dismissed completely. We are vastly familiar with all of these technicalities.

We also use case law to provide you with a strong defense. For example, in the case of R v. Williams, increasing a vehicle’s speed to avoid a collision was found to be a suitable defense. Our speeding ticket attorneys in Toronto use precedents such as this to build a solid defence for your case.