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Stunt Driving Tickets

Receiving a stunt driving ticket in Toronto may make it sound like you are a daring Hollywood driver, but in reality, your driver’s license is in peril and you could even be facing imprisonment. This is definitely not the time to try going into court to provide your own defense. We strongly recommend you enlist the support of our experienced traffic ticket lawyers, ex-cops, and other skilled paralegals.

What Is Stunt Driving In Ontario?

Stunt driving does not simply include driving at dangerous speeds or performing bold jumps and skids with your vehicle. There are actually a surprising number of driving activities that can lead to this type of traffic ticket, including:

  • Driving 50 or more KM per HR over the speed limit
  • Driving your car in a way that interferes with the flow of traffic, including preventing cars from passing without reason
  • Performing “donuts” – spinning your vehicle in a circular motion
  • Having passengers in your trunk
  • Unsafe turns
  • Driving with the intent of losing some or all traction

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These are just a few of the activities that can lead to a stunt driving ticket. Many other actions that put yourself and other drivers at risk can also lead to dangerous driving or stunt driving tickets.

Punishments for Ontario Stunt Driving

If you are found to be stunt driving in Toronto or throughout Ontario, you could face the following punishments and costs:

  • A fine of $2,000 to $10,000
  • A jail sentence of up to six months
  • Suspension of your driver’s license for seven days
  • Your vehicle may be impounded for seven days

Previous or concurrent tickets may increase the severity of your punishment. Another substantial cost of a stunt driving ticket is that your insurance costs will increase and some insurance companies may not want to provide coverage for you at all.

Fighting a Stunt Driving Ticket

Stunt driving charges are certainly not taken lightly. Claiming that you were unaware that you were violating these laws is not going to cut it in court. What you need is the defense of our skilled team of traffic ticket paralegals.

We take the time to investigate every aspect of your case. We want to know the who, what, why, and where(s) associated with your case. This helps us build a strong defense that could lead to your charges being reduced or even dismissed.

Example of a Stunt Driving Defense

When you hire Balatidis Legal Services to defend you in a stunt driving case, you work with traffic ticket lawyers who have successfully represented similar clients in the past. For example, there was a case in which there was evidence to support a stunt driving conviction for one of our clients, but we were not going to give-up.

We put together a strong defense supporting having the charges reduced to a speeding violation. Initially, we were shot down. After a lengthy discussion with the prosecution, we were able to get the stunt driving charges withdrawn and replaced with a speeding charge on the court date.

It was brought to our attention that the police officer that had charged our client would not be attending the proceedings. As experienced traffic ticket attorneys, we refused to consent to an adjournment. The end result was that our client, who initially faced serious stunt driving charges, had the stunt driving ticket withdrawn and then had the speeding ticket dismissed as well. Our defendant was acquitted. Contact us today to receive similar stunt driving ticket representation in Toronto.